Purpose Driven eye-opener

It seems as though Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven” movement has swept into many, many U.S. churches.  Because of its’ ever increasing popularity, do you think it would be a good idea to take a look into the foundational principles to see if they are Biblical?  I think it would be wise, and apparently, so does Chris Rosebrough, who has just done a breakdown of their teachings.  The final word?  WOW!  Eye-opening to say the least.  I highly recommend listening to the following audio file in its’ entirety.  If Chris seems a little biased in the beginning, please keep in mind it is because he had compared all their teachings with God’s Word before recording this segment.  After listening to this, I don’t know how anyone could refrain from alarm.  But it isn’t Rosebrough’s comments that cause alarm, it is the Purpose Driven teachings when they are held up to God’s Word to verify their legitimacy (example: a core Purpose Driven foundation is that churches aren’t for Christians, they are for lost people to come visit and learn, which is a direct contradiction of what is clearly stated in God’s written Word) .  I know, I know, most reading this will hold up all the good these Purpose Driven churches are doing in reaching multitudes for Christ.  Please, hold judgement until you have listened to this program.  I would love to hear some comments on this one, from both sides of the fence.  Listen or download HERE.

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