Actor or Pastor?

Linked below is a terrific article by Albert Mohler.  The subject is ministers in the church who secretly do not believe in God.  Atheists who perform “play-acting” every Sunday.  Why?  By their own admission, because it pays the bills.  At one point in the article, it is noted by researchers “that many modern people claim to be Christians while holding to virtually no specific theological content”.  That is research lingo for “Cultural Christian”, and all it means is that folks feel better about themselves if they have some form of a belief system in their lives to point to when asked, but they do not know what the Bible really says about salvation.  The Church has moved far away from preaching Law and Gospel, from preaching repentance and the forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus Christ.  While they still throw around the word “gospel” a lot, they refuse to preach it, and in a very high number of cases, don’t even know what the Gospel truly is.  Hint: It is NOT the good news that you can ask Jesus into your heart!  Truly the greatest mission field, white and ready for harvest, is the modern evangelical church!  Who will witness to those who say they are already saved?  Their angry responses will be frightening!  But do we unlovingly turn our backs and let them perish?  Who will bring the true Gospel to the one who is a minister?  What, you don’t think they need to hear it?  Oh, that’s right, I haven’t given the link to the article yet!  Click HERE and then go share the Law and the Gospel with a church-goer today!

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