What makes YOU happy?

Is Christ’s Gospel full of abundant life or not?  Then do not go into debt with the world to soak up its’ carnal benefits; you need never leave God’s house to be made glad.  He has such a supply of joy that you could not possibly spend it all.  Abraham would not take as much as a thread or a shoelace from the king of Sodom, lest he might make the claim it was he that had made Abraham rich.  Likewise, a saint should be ready to refuse the world’s joys and delights so that the ungodly cannot say, “He drew his joy from our well!”

Many professing Christians today conform to worldly fashions, entertainment, and greed.  They even encourage others to join them in realizing their goals of carnal freedom.  Their excitement for the world shows that the spiritual joy drawn from the well of salvation does not satisfy them.  If it did, they would not drink from the contaminated pools which before were used only by those who had not drank from Christ’s cup.

William Gurnall

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One Comment on “What makes YOU happy?”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    You’re right my friend in declaring that joy comes from Christ. If we are truly satisfied with our Love, then why are we going elsewhere? This makes perfect sense in the earthly realm. We frown (at least we should) on marital unfaithfulness, but yet even so-called Spirit-filled Christians are found in bed with false-Christs all the time. Interesting point that your post reminded me of: what does the word “anti” mean in the greek as it pertains to anitchrist? It doesn’t mean against, it means “instead of”.


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