Eyes on the road, please.

The blog page of this website discusses a lot of different issues.  False doctrine, the deceit of cultural Christianity, the examination of the fruit in one’s life, Church structure and all sorts of other stuff.  I think these things are necessary to discuss, for the health of our own faith and that of the Church.  But please do not let the constant barrage of articles from this website or any other cause your eyes to come off of Christ our Lord.  Think of your focus as you might think of driving a car down the road.  It is important to look in the mirror (examine your fruit) and it is good to discuss maps and driving techniques (theology) with others in your vehicle.  It is OK to look out the side window at other drivers some going the same direction, and at others heading down roads that lead to drop-offs and certain death.  It is noble to yell out your window to try to warn them.  But, as when driving a real car, your focus must primarily be out the front window.  You must keep your eyes on the road, in this case Jesus Christ our Lord as revealed through prayer and Scripture.  Please do not ever let the electronic “noise” or the religious concerns in your life keep you from focusing on our Savior.  Please do not substitute the study of His Word with a study of Emergent Theology so as to better combat it.  Do not let anything infringe upon your time spent with our Lord.  It is so easy to become distracted and end up in a ditch.  It is the perfection of Christ, and His sacrifice that saved you and I, so do not feel as though concentrating on your holiness, obedience or grasp of theology will somehow save you more.  Apologetics is not as valuable as the Living God nor are the Doctrines of Grace as important as the Lord of grace.  All these things are important, and diligent study should be made, but not at the expense of time spent with the one who values you so much.

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One Comment on “Eyes on the road, please.”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    An article like this always reminds me of Peter walking on the water. He was fine as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, but as soon as he allowed his attention to drift over to the waves “life’s circumstances”, his attention shifted from his provider and shepherd and down he went. We can all take a lesson from the article and make darn good and sure that we give ourselves a daily kick in the britches and keep ourselves from drifting.


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