Google eyes are watching you!

Google is watching your searches, and so is AOL, and so is God.  What do you search for on the internet?  Do you think your searches are just between you and your browser?  Think again!  Click HERE for a disturbing, eye-opening and convicting little article about the use of search engines on the internet.  The article is disturbing, but the real question is this: Why does it bother you if people know what you are viewing?  Do you really think that the Lord doesn’t know?  Examine yourself, and your browsing!

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2 Comments on “Google eyes are watching you!”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Itis so true, ChurchSalt. I saw a plaque hanging up one day in someone’s house and it has always stuck with me. It said: “Jesus is the silent witness to every conversation and the invisible friend at every dinner table” He sees even when everyone else doesn’t. What should matter isn’t if Google or AOL, etc. records and saves our browsing history, but what is God thinking about our habits? Would we be browsing this stuff if it was broadcast to all of our friends and family on the big screen on Sunday Morning? Doubt it…


    • Says:

      Just think if not only search terms, but every thought you had was put on a screen in front of family and friends! How quickly our pride would crumble when confronted with the exposed and public display of the wickedness in our hearts! Yet Jesus saw it all and still came and paid for our filth. Amazing, simply amazing.


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