Fat Goats

February 27, 2010

American Church, Apostasy

A not-so-surprising fact has been revealed.  Many modern church-goers who identify themselves as Christians feel as though the Bible is outdated, boring and irrelevant to their lives.  They frown on the preacher who spends too much time discussing Scripture, wanting instead to hear good, sound, practical advice.  Anyone who has watched the “Purpose Driven” movement grow in popularity should not be surprised by this.  How incredibly tragic that the very words handed down to us from our creator are deemed to be irrelevant!  What clearer sign could their be that a congregation is filled with unconverted hell-bound people?  But will the goats stop to think about what their appetites prove?  Sadly, no.  They will continue to demand goat food while glaring with condescending eyes at the starving sheep in their midst.  And most modern Pastors will be happy to continue feeding those goats, all the while covering their ears to keep from hearing the bleating of the sheep.  Read the full article about this study HERE.

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One Comment on “Fat Goats”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    The sadness of it all is most Christians don’t even realize that they are boiling in their water. For the most part, most Christians have a fog over their eyes and are walking around in a stupor of Christianese, Christianity without the power.


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