The Jesus who isn’t Good enough… Emergents.

In a recent broadcast, Doug Pagitt, a well known spokesperson for the Emergent Church had something interesting to say.  His guest on the show was Chris Rosebrough (from Pirate Christian Radio) and the  topic was the Gospel message.  Commenting on Rosebrough’s definition of the Gospel (which Rosebrough summarized as repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name), Pagitt’s response was this: “I will narrate it (the Gospel) on this radio show, it is a much better story than that!”  Wow.  God humbles Himself and comes to Earth in the form of one of His creatures, allows Himself to be tortured and slaughtered thereby paying for the horrible things we have done (and are doing) to fill the justice mandated by His Holy righteousness and… isn’t good enough for the Emergent Church?  They have a better Gospel?  Jesus work as explained in Scripture isn’t good enough?  So now you may ask “So what is that to me??”

Many folks reading this will be shocked at Pagitt’s statement but will think, “So what?  I don’t go to an Emergent church!”  And may I reply with the question, “Are you sure?”  The Emergent teachings have crept in unnoticed to an incredible number of Churches throughout North America and Europe, and are being adopted by more every day.  Check your youth groups, Sunday Schools and other small group functions.  Their teachings (which go far beyond just this denial of the Gospel) are popular because they do not offend, but sound to the ear to be very pious, religious and accepting.  Many, many Pastors are allowing these teaching to come in because with them come young people, youth, college grads, professionals and a large, vibrant growing, happy Church.  The only problem is Christ and the Cross are contradictory to the message, and so must be shown the back door.  The Church will still talk of Christ, but they have re-defined the meanings of every word found in Scripture so as to rob it of all meaning.  I am not advocating a “witch hunt” I am encouraging you investigate what your Church is teaching, and hold your Pastor accountable if heresy has crept in.  I am encouraging a fear of God and His Word rather than a fear of man.  Look for materials such as NOOMA videos and Rob Bell teachings.  Look for authors and videos such as Doug Pagitt, Brian McLaren and Phyllis Tickle.  And try to immerse yourself in some sound Biblical teaching that pertains to the Emergent heresy.  A few good places to start would be Apprising Ministries, Fighting for the Faith, and DefendingContending.  There are links to all these sites on the right side of this page.  Please be aware what is happening around you.  I will post a link to Chris Rosebrough’s take on the interview a little later.

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