Our TV is the Icon of a Sensual Culture

Television, and indeed all of American culture is so saturated with sensuality, that it is beyond description… but most Christians, even many good, solid, soundly saved believers, do not realize it.  Why?  They have grown up with it, and are numb to it.  If a believer would be willing to turn off the TV for just one month, and then turn it back on, there would be no discussion as to whether or not television is OK in a Christian home.  After being separated from it, the ads will jump out as sensual and almost pornographic.  The language will be offensive.  The plot lines and characters will be seen as so ungodly they must be silenced at once.  The rest of our culture is no better.  I have seen godly, passionate men who are teachers in the Church talk eagerly about spending the day watching football.  A game with cheerleaders that gyrate in ways that are guaranteed to bring about lustful thoughts, with ads that glorify drunkenness and sex.  And while soaking their minds in this, precious time with their wives and children are being thrown away, treated as garbage.  Unfortunately, trying to convince someone of this is like trying to describe colors to a blind man.  They just don’t get it.  So now what?  Turn off the TV!  Quit going to the game!  Look away from the billboard!  Do this for one month, and tell me your world doesn’t completely change its’ color!  However, please know I issue this challenge to those already soundly saved and following Christ.  Please do not think by abstaining from these things you will earn any merit with God.  For the believer, I simply point this out as a way to draw closer to the One who loves you and gave Himself for you.  A way to separate yourself from those things that bring pain to Him, and to you (even if you don’t know it yet).  Thinking about it?  Good!  I dare you!! 
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6 Comments on “Our TV is the Icon of a Sensual Culture”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Americans and Canadians alike. My wife and I have stopped going to an organized church and have home church with a few close friends. The day came when we decided that we had had enough after putting up with “virgin” dancers gyrating in skin tight lycra outfits to “lead the church in worship”, “Harvest Day” where the children still get to wear their favorite Disney costumes, Easter egg hunts where Jesus Christ and His sacrifice is a side issue (I read a church sign at Easter last year, it said, “A Time To “Dye” For), and the straw that broke the camel’s back was when the youth were advertising their “conference”. The lights went out, strobe lights turned on and the display of what their so-called conference was set before us in all its sickening glory. ACDC and the like would have been very comfortable watching it. Heavy metal to the glory of God??? Disgusting. A church down the road has just changed its name…guess what they call themselves? “The Relate Church”! Relate to what? The world? It’s sin? Long past are the sermons of Jonathan Edwards and John Wesley where the sinner knew he was a sinner and on the very brink of plunging head first into the bowels of an every hungry hell. That’s what my blog is about. No fluff, no guff, no beating around the bush and nothing held back. It’s all for God’s glory…period.
    Thank you for your ministry, thank you for your obedience to God’s calling. We need more of it to counteract the effects of the great dilusion that is sweeping unchecked and unmolested in the mainstream church of today.


    Flee Fornication…it’s more than you think.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Now we understand what Jesus saw coming when He said “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on Earth?” (Luke 18, ESV). I am reading The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall right now, and I am painfully aware how 99% of the book would be incomprehensible to 99% of the modern Church goers. It is a serious state of affairs.


  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    Well…finally. I though me and my wife were the only kooks out there. Looks like there’s a third! Thank you for speaking the truth. We couldn’t agree more. We haven’t watched TV in ten years and don’t miss it a bit! Nothing but garbage and filth.
    Any submitted, comitted and humbled Christian has no more right to have one of those idiot boxes in their home than there being brail on a drive thru ATM machine!

    Bless you and thank you for your step of faithfulness and truth in Christ’s service.

    Paul Bayne
    revivalandreformation’s blog


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      We have a TV, but it is what I call “on monitor only mode”, meaning it is hooked to a DVD player so we choose what is played. Not only does it eliminate the worry of garbage coming in, but it greatly reduces the amount of time we spend in front of it. I am always saddened when my kids have friends come over to play , and often what the guest child was assuming was that they would sit and watch TV together while my boys assumed they would actually go outside and climb, build and play. My wife and I still watch movies sometimes. We go to PuritanPicks.com (their slogan is “Movies so pure, the Puritans would watch them”). If you have been without TV for 10 years, I am sure you have experienced the same thing we have. Being invited to a fellow Christian’s house, and walking in to see the TV playing what seems pure sensuality, but your Brother in Christ doesn’t even notice. Myself, I have enough temptation to sin in my own life I don’t need to bring in extra, and I certainly don’t need to pay $39/month for the really “good” temptation. I have heard all the arguments. “I like my football, that isn’t bad” or “I watch the Learning Channel because it is educational”. But my challenge is usually this: Does every eye in the house turn away when the cheerleaders come on? Even your wife’s eyes? She is assuming you watch them when they gyrate on the screen. How does that affect her view of you as the Spiritual leader of your home? And when watching the Learning Channel, what do you do when the ads for Dove soap come on, showing even more than the NFL cheerleaders? The beer ads make drinking look fun and popular, how does this message affect the kids? It must have some effect, for that is what it is specifically designed to do. How about the assumption of Evolution in every Science program? TV for a Christian makes as much sense as a soup sandwich.
      I enjoyed the article you linked. Truly American Christians are are completely blinded to that fact we are saturated with a culture that is an offense against God.
      Thanks for stopping by and Thank You for the encouragement!


  3. Paul Bayne Says:

    Well…it’s about time! I thought me and my wife were the only kooks out there. We haven’t had TV in our home in nine years. We haven’t watched it in ten (we’ve been married ten). Do we miss it? NO! How many Christians give the excuse that, “Well there’s a good Christian station we watch…and that’s it, y’know.” Sure, sure. It’s like a man and a woman living together as roomates, and there’s nothing going on…right. Avoid the very appearance of evil…period.
    TV and media in general alays reminds me of the old saying, “How do you boil a frog to death? Turn the heat up a little at a time”.


    Take a look at my post, it’s sickening but true.

    Good job and thank you.

    Paul Bayne



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