The Christian Jellyfish floating in Church Waters

It seems as though a strange disease is creeping over the some of the Christian populace.  I have seen Godly men, men with a sound understanding of salvation, men who have submitted their lives to Christ, and follow hard after Him with passion, sitting silent when they should be standing.  Let me explain the situation.  More and more Churches in the Bible Belt are drifting into false doctrine.  These Churches are preaching and teaching anything and everything except the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some embrace Purpose Driven non-Biblical goals, others begin redefining the Bible through Emergent Doctrine or Nooma videos, and still others focus on topics deemed relevant to the congregation rather than the Word of our Creator.  And these Godly men who are left, the remnant of true believers that haven’t fled from the encroaching heresies… do nothing.  They sit quietly as their Lord is portrayed as one who winks at sin.  They do not raise their voice as the same Christ who suffered for them is described to others as being no more than a wealthy Grandpa in the sky.  These men who have sacrificed much in their own life stay quiet, afraid to show any passion or a godly jealousy for the one who loves them.  If someone came to these same men using, not vulgar language, but well spoken eloquent terms delivered with a smile to describe the Godly man’s wife as a whore, these men would be outraged.  “Just because you use eloquence and a smile,” they would yell, “do not think I will sit idly by as you spread these horrible lies!” And yet, while Pastors and small group leaders use eloquence and a smile to slander Jesus Christ (the only one that should be loved more than a wife) they do nothing.  They treat the slander of Christ as nothing more than a religious discussion.  “Well, they are from a liberal viewpoint” or “I am hoping they come around” they will offer as a defense. Let us call this what it is.  It is fear.  It is fear of men over a fear of God.  It is the fear as being ostracized as a fanatic, a fear of confrontation.  It is cowardice.  Spineless Christian jellyfish.  Revelation 21:8 states this :  “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”  It is bad company that the coward is listed as being among.  I am not stating that cowardice will cost the salvation of a man truly redeemed, but I am stating two things. 1) Cowardice is far more serious than you think, and you will answer to a Holy God for a lack of spine.  2) A fear to stand boldly for the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a strong sign that you do not fully understand what was done for you, and you do not love Him as you should.  So what to do?  Repent!  Seek God for the strength to stand boldly for His name.  He knows you are but a child, and He will lend His Spirit and His strength to those who seek Him.

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4 Comments on “The Christian Jellyfish floating in Church Waters”

  1. Paul Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the supposedly intellectual types have the hardest time answering simple questions? I think one of the most beautiful aspects of our Lord Jesus was that He kept things simple, so simple in fact that the truth of His message went straight over the heads of the “religiously superior”. I cannot tell you how many times I held my tongue from saying something “religiously incorrect” just to get their attention. It seems like a good portion of the church is walking around in a fog. They look pretty, successful and toting a really cool unplugged, relevant, tolerant, reworked (per)version of the Bible but they are dead, numbed and completely unaware of the fact that the devil is leading them around by the nose. I dread the day when these poor souls wake up in hell and realize that they were duped and have to spend the rest of eternity with the very ones who duped them. Bless you, my brother and thank you for your obedience to God.


  2. Rebecca LuElla Miller Says:

    I’m glad I came over to your site, then.

    I saw the comment you’re referring to but didn’t know you’d taken it from the Tenets of Communism!

    Since reading all those responses I’ve been troubled by this emerging church movement more than ever. The misuse of Scripture is possibly the worst.

    I’ve been re-reading Narnia and just started The Last Battle in which a false Aslan is set up. In his name many things contrary to the desires of the true Aslan take place.

    I couldn’t miss the parallels. The only difference, I think, is, Lewis had the false Aslan portray the true Aslan as angry with his people, over and over reminding them that he is not a tame lion.

    The false ideas of God seem to say just the opposite—He’s absolutely tame, so tame, He’s comfortable with anyone except those who suggest He hates sin and demands adherence to Scripture.

    God’s blessing on your continued efforts to declare His truth.



  3. Rebecca LuElla Miller Says:

    Off topic: thanks for your comments over at Theology Perspective in the discussion about evangelism. I came to the comment section too late to join in, but I was happy to see someone had challenged some of the basic tenets stated there. You did so with remarkable restraint.



    • Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! I actually got tired of talking in meaningless circles with those folks and gave up, so your kind words are quite uplifting. I tried to get the Emergent Commentators to clearly define what their idea of the Gospel is, which seemed to be much like trying to hold down a slippery fish. After much consideration, I went to an online dictionary, clipped the summary given for “Tenets of Communism” and pasted it, changing “The State” and “Communism” to read “the Emergent message” and “Emergence”. I asked if this was an accurate summary of the Emergent Gospel message, and was told that it was not just the message of Emergence, but the message of Jesus Himself!! So, evidently, Jesus was a communist! I was quite troubled by this reply, and did not point out where I got the summary, so I think I used too much restraint. The thing that makes me sad is so many of the Emergent types are genuinely nice people. Unfortunately, they have pulled their intelect, their academic pride and their “higher criticism” over their ears so they can no longer hear the true Gospel. Sad and scary stuff.


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