Where is the Love?

This website is sometimes criticized that it devotes an unbalanced amount of attention to sin, law, and holiness, but not enough attention to the love and grace of God.  How can one define or even shed a small amount of light on the love of God?  I know of only one way to even get a glimpse of what His love truly is like.  It is a two-step process:

 1)                  Study the Law of God and what sin is.  Study the true state of us all (we are all born into sin and filled with     iniquity).  Study sin and law in the scriptures until you realize the hopelessness of mankind’s situation.      

 2)                  Study the Holiness of God.  Study His perfection, His righteousness and His justice.  Learn how even angels designed and created to be in His presence have to shield their eyes from His glory.  Learn how He is unlike any created creature, and if we were to see Him as we are now, our bodies would dissolve and our mind and spirit would plunge into insanity.      

 It is when you have fully comprehended these things that you will be in a position to begin learning of His love.  When you then read the account of the cross, the love of Christ will begin to be of some comprehension.  This love exhibited by so Holy a God to such wretched creatures as us will be difficult to wrap your mind around, actually, it will be near impossible.  It is then that loyalty will be forged toward Him who loved us when we had done absolutely nothing to earn such love.  How can such an incredible love be described or comprehended?  I know of no way.  It is by studying these things that we begin to get a glimmer of understanding.



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