“That Doctrine is just a Reaction…”

When they say “That Doctrine is just a Reaction…” you should have a reaction…you should run!  What could I possibly mean by that?  Well, let me share with you something I have noticed.  This is not Scripture, so please do not take it as such.  It is just a common trend I see happening in local Churches.  When a Church begins to drift into “liberal” theology, often times there will be good, solid believers who will start to have some concerns.  They will raise these concerns through quiet meetings with the Pastor, emails or letters sent to the board.  They will be questioning  as to why the new teachings don’t seem to be in line with what they know to be sound Biblical doctrine.  And what is the response?  Very often it is something along the lines of the following: “Where did you learn that doctrine?  Oh…. from John MacArthur (or Piper, or the Puritans, or Paul Washer, or whoever).  Well that whole doctrine is just a reaction (implying over-reaction) to some extremely liberal teachings that were gaining popularity at that time.  It really isn’t biblical.  They took things too far.  You should probably shy away from that guy.”  Folks, I am not saying people don’t react and I am definitely not saying people don’t take things too far.  But God doesn’t, and neither does His Word.  If a doctrine is based solidly on God’s Word, then don’t tell me it is an over-reaction by John MacArthur (or whoever)!!!  Truth is truth!  I have found this type of attack to be a very common method of misdirection used by “liberal Christians” trying to influence a Church.  When you question why Rob Bell’s “nooma” video’s are being used in the Church, or why the women’s retreat has pamphlets about meditation in the greeting bags and receive this response, I have one word of advice.  Run the other way from everything they try to teach you.  Run, baby, run!

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2 Comments on ““That Doctrine is just a Reaction…””

  1. gladwellmusau Says:

    It wasn’t until recently that I got to know about this emergent movement and I am perplexed at how things have gotten out of hand. But the bible tells us to ‘watch and pray’ so that we may not be caught unaware. For Christians outside the US, its getting harder to know who to believe. But, I know the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. God bless you and keep standing for HIS TRUTH.


    • revivalandreformation Says:

      I totally agree. We left our long standing church because they were falling away from the doctrine of Jesus fast and furiously. From “Christian” Rappers, to “Christian” death metal concerts to “virgins” leading the congregation in worship(of what I’m not sure) dressed in skin tight spandex outfits to, to, to…you get the picture. Couldn’t stay and be desensitized especially if the majority of the congregation was lining up like dumb sheep to the tripe line to fill themselves in lies.


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