Ultimate Youth Pastor

January 3, 2010

American Church, Humor

Sometimes you just have to laugh!  This video clip is a spoof of the modern-day, relevant, identify-with-the-kids youth group leader.  Absolutely hilarious.  Unfortunately, these guys are out there for real.

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One Comment on “Ultimate Youth Pastor”

  1. Marian Lynn de laza Says:

    I believe that the Word and prayer are basic to preaching. Many ideas on how to share or preach the gospel are popping up and sometimes it has to go that weird to suit the generation or the situation. I am not sure if the youth preacher could have misinterpreted what Apostle Paul has said that “do as the Romans do in sharing the gospel”. But if the audience were from the background of drug users, hippie culture or hiphop, perhaps his style would serve as an opener.
    But still I believe that the word is a double edged sword that could get into the marrows of our souls like a surgeons scalpel it could remove the dead tissues in our souls. Prayer has power too. Sometimes I wonder what would be appropriate. During the Corinthian era in Paul’s day wearing pants were not allowed but males wore skirts. God is a God of order but what is orderly is relative that is why God looks at the heart not the outward appearances. The bible speaks of these as a minor thing and the motive matters. The youth are still looking for guidelines and principles to follow and today just driving the truth may not be enough other God given strategies may be needed.


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