Old Testament Today

 The Old Testament can sometimes seem like a completely different world.  People worshiping silver and gold statues and falling into Idolatry every time they turn around.These accounts of these people and how they fell into sin seem so barbaric to our modern culture.  But why does it seem so foreign?  They worshipped silver and gold with the idea they would be blessed with success, security and happiness.  That is exactly how we look at our jobs, money and 401k’s today.  Very seldom do we trust our Lord, going about obeying Him, living for Him, and letting Him worry about our provision.  Likewise, we constantly elevate ourselves and our desires to a higher level of importance than Jesus Christ and His wishes, which is the very definition of Idolatry.  We do this every time we knowingly sin.  Keeping this in mind when reading the Old Testament makes the whole thing suddenly become very real and very applicable.  

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