Emergent Church, Rob Bell and the nooma videos

If you are not familiar with the Emergent Church, you need to be.  This movement is an outright attack on the Bible and Jesus Christ.  It is  usually presented very artistically with real life issues being addressed.  The NOOMA videos produced by Rob Bell (one of the leaders of this movement) is one of their most popular methods of teaching.  Many, many (I mean a lot) of youth groups and college groups are showing these videos in their meetings.  These videos are in virtually every American town in one or more youth groups (maybe yours).  They are so artistic that it is difficult to find clarity on exactly what they are teaching.  But, Rob Bell has now published several books (one of which is entitled “Velvet Elvis”), and they state what his positions are a little more clearly.  These teachings flat-out deny the authority and inspiration of the Bible.  They deny the clearly taught Biblical doctrine of Heaven and Hell stating that there are no such places.  They accept all lifestyles, sexualities, and religions as having great merit.  Their teachings have much, much more in common with humanism and universalism then any teachings in the Bible.  But be warned:  If you call out your Pastor for allowing these teachings there is a great possibility that it will be you that is asked to leave rather than the videos.  They are usually violently defended.  Why?  As with all liberalism,  all viewpoints are welcome except that of true Biblical Christianity.  Watch this video below for a short teaching on some of Rob Bell’s teachings (the same teachings cleverly disguised in the NOOMA videos.)


Update! Rob Bell has come out with a new book called “Love Wins”.  Click HERE to read my brief take on it and also find a link to a great biblical analysis.



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14 Comments on “Emergent Church, Rob Bell and the nooma videos”

  1. Arthur Trafford Says:

    Is your Messiah a real or counterfeit Messiah?

    My Messiah is the same Messiah that is related to King David (of the Davidic Covenant); and the Messiah who walked with and taught the Apostles of Yeshua The Christ . My Messiah is 100 % human and 100 % God; whereas most Christians really only believe in a Messiah that is 50% human and 50% God (and they don’t even realize it)!!!

    The Jews know that their Messiah is a blood relative of King David and of the tribe of Judah. The “Seed” of David reference in the Bible refers to a human male producing children. The Creator God only gives the responsibility for human reproduction to Adam & Eve and their descendants (which including you and me) to thousands of generations and God doesn’t change or alter the law of human reproduction, not even for the Messiah (especially since the Bible says that the Messiah is like us physically—but sinless).

    I now know that Joseph’s “Seed” is what caused Mary to be pregnant with the child Jesus. If Joseph isn’t the biological father, then Joseph adopting Jesus isn’t going to make Jesus related to King David or his descendants. In the same way Sarah adopting the child that Abraham fathered, didn’t make him the child of God’s Promise, but only a child of passion and lust. Isaac was the child of promise and not his older half-brother.

    Christians will state that Jesus is 100% God and 100% human. And that Jesus has a body “Just like ours”. I am pretty sure that the person reading this letter has a human mother and a human father who God used to give them life (which makes me like the person who is reading this letter). If you are born of a virgin, you are not “just like me” !!! If Joseph didn’t get Mary pregnant then Jesus is 50% human because of Mary; and Jesus is 50% God because of God.

    When we humans are conceived, God puts a human “CREATED SPIRIT” in the unborn children that we are. When Jesus was conceived by Joseph and Mary, God did something different to THEIR child; instead of putting a human “created spirit” in Jesus, God puts His own Spirit into the child Jesus!!! Which means Jesus now has a 100% human body (because of Joseph’s seed and Mary’s womb) and 100% God, because there is “no” human “created spirit” of a person in Jesus, but only the “Spirit of God”!!!

    God destroyed ancient Israel because of their unbelief, killing the prophets of God and killing their Promised Messiah and ours! I realize that all humans ever born, are responsible for the death of the Messiah; but God chose Israel to be the Spiritual leaders to instruct and guide us to know and serve the One True Living God of this world.

    It appears that modern day Israel also isn’t able to grasp the concept of a ruling King and suffering servant Messiah. I understand why the Jews reject the Christian Messiah. The Jews know that the Promised Messiah is a blood relative of King David. If they had computers and DNA testing back thousands of years ago, and you tested King David, his son, grandson and all others in his family tree, including Joseph, Mary and Jesus; in a court of law it can be proved scientifically that Jesus is LITERALLY of the seed of David. Not a step-child of Joseph (and therefore half human and not biologically related to King David through Joseph).

    Recently I was writing to a Jewish Christian I know, and I stated that after the virgin birth that I believe that Joseph and Mary had a “Normal” marriage like other married couples (companionship, sex and children) and therefore she didn’t stay a virgin her whole life, as is taught by some people.

    I was surprised to hear that this Jewish Christian stated that the doctrine of the virgin birth was added to scripture at a time in history after all the apostles, their children and grandchildren are all dead and before the Protestant Reformation happened. Paul stated that after his death that wolves would come in and not spare the flock. I use to think that the Jews were being stubborn and rebellious for not accepting the Messiah Jesus Christ. But it turns out that the Christian dogma is what the Jews are rejecting.

    The Apostle Paul wrote 13 books in the New Testament. Paul was the Theologian type and he never mentioned the virgin birth. Luke was a physician and wouldn’t be qualified to teach Theology. Of all the miracles that Paul writes about, “you would think” that he would mention it as the greatest miracle of “motherhood” and just as exciting, dramatic and important as the raising of the dead!!! Not even Jesus mentioned a supposed virgin birth, or a “perpetual” virgin Mary. His silence screams deception.

    Adam, Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Paul the Apostle, King David, Judas, Joseph, Mary, and you and me have been deceived by self, Satan and others. Promoting the virgin birth will get you a bad grade in a Logic 101 class, and reveal you are spiritually blind to the truth that Satan has lied to our Christian leaders throughout history.

    The concept of a virgin or non-virgin birth of the Promised Messiah is conflicting and antithetical to each other. If you have a personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ, your opinion of the virgin / or non-virgin birth does not affect your salvation.

    May we be more concerned about knowing the TRUTH and less concerned about defending our religious traditions that make us feel insecure, and fearful if we question there validity: And presuming we are sinning against God if we change our opinion on how the Messiah became human.

    John 8: 36

    The bottom line is:

    The Bible verse that states a judgment against “anyone” who would add to, change, or delete any Scripture letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, or book (s) of The Bible, will receive God’s Judgment. Since there is “nothing” in this world that is “perfect;” therefore the verses warning us not to change the Scripture is a useless and unnecessary warning IF SCRIPTURE CAN’T BE CHANGED BY HUMAN INTERVENTION.

    When Satan implants error in Scripture; and now everyone reinforces that error simply because they read it in The “changed” Bible and they are naive and take for granted that GOD WOULDN’T ALLOW ERROR TO HAPPEN, then I am sceptically (not with God’s Word) but with mans proclivity to “not” sin and to “not” disobey God and His word and then proclaim their own gospel message!!! Human beings got together and decided what Books will be Canonized in Scripture. And there is no evidence that “these Bible scholars” were “perfect” Christians or Jews and I know some of them had their own mind-altering agendas to accomplish.

    I heard a story about a man who was walking in a park and he observed a man and a dog in the distance. He got within speaking range and ask the man if his dog bites; and the man said, no my dog doesn’t bite. So the man reaches out to pet the dog and the dog severely bites him and causes him extreme pain and a severe injury. He then screams at the man and says, “I thought you said that your dog doesn’t bite. The stranger then says, “That is not my dog”! Presumption doesn’t always kill, but it can hurt a little or a lot.

    When you scream at me and say, “Why don’t you believe “all” of God’s Word”. And I calmly and softly say, I believe all that “God” has written, but I refuse to believe the lies that sinful humans have added, deleted or changed in the Bible. God didn’t stop Satan from changing God’s “Spoken Word” in the garden of Eden; and He doesn’t stop you and me from sinning against God and He surely didn’t stop men from altering God’s Word! Lucifer said to Adam and Eve, “You shall not surely die”, Lucifer meant physically and God meant you will be spiritually dead after you sin. This truth applies to 21st Century humanity as well.

    Naive Protestants and Catholics continue to believe in a Savior that is half-human and half-God; and they can’t justify that fact!!!

    God bless you and your family!!!


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hi Arthur!
      Thanks for stopping by ChurchSalt! I am not quite sure how to reply to your comment without sounding short, or rude, but I will try. Please understand I mean no offense against you personally, and so I sincerely hope I do not come across that way.
      My first thought after reading your comment was, “So Joseph was going to get rid of Mary, because she had intercourse…with him?!?” And my next thought was to go over Jewish customs in adoption (kinsman-redeemer traditions, etc.), as well as the dangers of taking the word “seed” so incredibly literal. But I have decided not to do so. The reason why I am not engaging you on this is simple. We aren’t in the same “paradigm”. What I mean by that is that I accept the Bible, in its’ entirety, as God’s Word, whereas you do not. In your comment you have already ruled out the book of Luke because he was a physician. My view is that if Luke was from a small town in Idaho, worked as a janitor at Wal-Mart, and was miraculously transported in time and place by God, so as to be inspired by the Holy Spirit as our Lord set His Word in ink, I would believe every word Luke had to say. Why? Luke wasn’t infallible no matter what his vocation, but the Spirit working through Luke was (and is). Once you have made the decision as to only believe the parts of the Bible you want to believe, and discard the inspiration of Scripture, discussion regarding texts becomes completely pointless. As soon as a Scriptural refutation is given, the answer can simply be made, “but that passage isn’t from God.” An exchange such as this benefits nobody. I can see from the detail you put into this that you have probably gone over this many times with many people, and any answer I give you will have already made a decision to either disbelieve or not accept.

      Arthur, I truly hope I am not offending you when I say these things, it is truly not my intent. It is my hope that you have not discarded the parts of Scripture that explain your guilt in breaking God’s Law, and the other parts that explain how Christ died in your place that you might have life. I hope you believe with a true belief that is made evident in ongoing repentance and submission to our Lord. What I am going to say next, I do not say often in comment-replys, and I only say it when it is true… I will pray for you, that your eyes are opened (and I do not mean that as a back-handed insult, either).

      Thanks again for stopping by!


  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    And I say this sarcastically, which “Scripture” do you mean, ChurchSalt? The Holy, infallible, pure Word of God has been watered down, and twisted to such a degree, that the (per)version we have today in most so-called Christian’s laps is a perverted, disgusting and foul excuse for God’s word. Folks such as above cannot rightly go to the Scriptures and combat this blasphemy because their weapon has been dulled and dismantled so now all they have to fight blasphemy is a cardboard cut out rendition of the sword of the Spirit. Reminds me somewhat of back a few hundred years ago where the “church” had the only copies of the word of God, and the layman didn’t. They could say anything they wanted, and the people had to accept it. Today, the people accept everything that is being said because they look to their Bibles and because their versions are so watered down, they have no hope of finding clear cut truth. The black and white, right or wrong, clear cut truth is non existent in most versions of God’s word, and if you don’t like what’s being said, make another that agrees with your view points. The Bible rebukes homosexuality? Just tear that part out. The Bible says Jesus was born from a virgin woman? Well I don’t agree, so we’ll just ignore that one too. Ten Commandments? 1 John? Hell? Damnation? Eh…nothing more than old school thought that we, the enlightened ones did away with when we received “special revelation”. Sad state of affairs my friend, and what even worse, is these poor souls are defending blasphemers such as Rob Bell.


  3. Learn to Read Says:

    Please remove this terrible video. It has taken many things out of context. For example- the statements about the virgin birth. Let’s put this in context. He was stating that he does believe in the virgin birth. He was creating an argument that pretty much stated that if someone was to come up with proof against a core Christian belief, it does not change the fact of who God is and the fact that He sent His Son to live, die, and be resurrected as the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

    let’s read the fifth paragraph after what was quoted (it is the first actual paragraph following the comment- the other 4 are one liners).

    “I affirm the historic Christian faith, which includes the virgin birth and the Trinity and the inspiration of the Bible and much more. I’m a part of it, and I want to pass it on to the next generation. I believe that God created everything and that Jesus is Lord and that God has plans to restore everything.”

    This is a no brainer- it is propaganda. I’m not asking you to read the whole book- just read the actual context- stop spreading lies about fellow Christians- we are not the enemy!

    Let’s use a quote in its actual context- “You have choices. You can deny the hostility, you can refute its causes, you can harass those Christians who are trying their best to represent Jesus in a completely new context, or you can deal with the the increasing hostility of outsiders in ways that honor God. Jesus pioneered this approach. He listened to the Holy Spirit so he could point people to his Father. He engaged his culture and its people with respect and love. He was in but not of the world.” David Kinnaman from his book “unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity”


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. While I am always glad to have new visitors, I am not inclined to agree with your statements, nor your request, for the following reasons. I will address the virgin birth issue last.
      1) The other statements made by Mr. Bell were unquestionably in context (the Bible is NOT the Word of God, teachings on Hell that directly contradict Scripture, stating he has the authority to “redefine”, etc.) These are very serious and deceptive teachings by Mr. Bell.
      2) At the start of the video, it is made clear that the quotations discussed are being addressed as “highly questionable” and when discussing the Bell’s statement on the virgin birth, the video states “I am beginning to have the opinion that Mr. Bell is denying the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.” I will take you for your word on statements found further on in this book (I do not have a copy present), but even so, I must agree that I too think Mr. Bell does not believe in the virgin birth, and that his statements are highly questionable. Why would I say this? Well, I have heard him teach on the Mithra religion and the common teachings of virgin births in other sermons, and it is always taught in such a way as to cast doubt or question on the Biblical account (by the way, if Mr. Bell would do a little more historical homework, he would learn Mithra worship does not predate Christ. The only place this is taught is in the teachings of highly liberal theologians, not the teachings of historians). Why does he always try to cast doubt as part of making his point? I also don’t believe him because of his poor logic. He states that Christianity would still be valid without the virgin birth (and that was exactly his point), but then states he believes in atonement. What? How can he believe in atonement when the only place it is taught is in Scripture, and Scripture is only as reliable as man (since, according to him, the Bible isn’t the Word of God.)? How can you believe Christianity could still be valid when one doctrine might be a lie and the next one might be true? If the virgin birth was actually false, then Isaiah is not a dependable author (Isaiah 7:14 -Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.) And if Isaiah isn’t a dependable author, then how can we believe him when he lays out the clearest teaching on atonement in chapters 52 & 53? Once Isaiah (and all 4 gospels proclaiming a virgin birth) is discarded as false, how can Christianity still be a valid religion? No virgin birth would indicate the Bible is nothing more than a book riddled with lies. Mr. Bell, in saying that the Bible is not inspired, and that doctrines can come and go, shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he calls christianity is not the Christianity of the Bible. This has been shown many, many articles (click HERE for a good collection of material). I recently heard a sermon from Bell’s Church (preached by his newest assistant Shane Hipps) endorsing all religions as valid. Clear, open, unashamed universalism. So, while Bell may say he believes in the virgin birth and atonement later on in his book, how can I believe his statement? According to his logic, it just doesn’t add up. Because of his other messages, false teachings, and constant efforts to put shades of doubt on most all orthodox beliefs, I just can’t believe him.
      I do wish that the video addressed his statement about believing in the virgin birth. But, to be honest, I don’t think anybody who has studied Mr. Bell for long would believe that he embraces any part of orthodox Christianity. He is trying to introduce doubt, and deceive you. In his own words (in context) he is trying to “redefine and reshape” Christianity. Away from the Bible and into his idea of what it should be. This man is no believer, and no Brother in the faith. He is a false teacher and a wolf. I would strongly urge you to compare his teachings with Scripture.


  4. Shaina Piano Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks. Enjoy reading your stuff.


  5. revivalandreformation Says:

    Remember ChurchSalt, that even Jesus Himself was regarded this way. At least you aren’t being accused of having an evil spirit. You are right on with what you have said in relation to Rob Bell. If there comes to us any other “gospel” than the one preached by Jesus Christ and His apostles, they are accursed. The word “accursed” means quite frankly to be shunned, alienated and cast out from amongst us. Argue or not, this is the truth. The truth as Jesus preached it comes across as arrogant and sometimes sarcastic. Good! That means you’re on the right track. This also means that Meg is defensive over what you have said because it has obviously hit a nerve and caused conviction.


  6. meg Says:

    I disagree with several of Rob Bell’s comments as shown in this video, and I appreciate your earnestness to let the truth of the Gospel be known. However, I also disagree with the way you present the Truth. Intentional or not, several of your responses to Bell’s words come off as sarcastic and arrogant. I believe it is our responsibility to defend the Gospel and rebuke unbiblical ideas, but we must do so with love and humility. God bless.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      I would be interested in knowing what comments were perceived that way. I do not ask to be argumentative, but I am concerned. If you stop back in, please give me a couple examples. About 50% of the materials on this site are links and the other half is original articles, but I would like to know if it is my own work or someone else’s (not that it makes an offense go away, but so I can keep a watchful eye on my own pen). Thanks for stopping in!


  7. Jake Says:

    It is very clear that these quotes were taken out of context…i mean, did this person even read the entire book(s) before critiquing them? Seriously this is garbage…PLEASE DO MORE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU MAKE RIDICULOUS ASSUMPTIONS.

    Also, i am not against critiquing people and views (especially concerning Christianity), but please give some direct quotes and references…besides those taken out of context.

    Oh, and if you actually want to see what Rob Bell believes, you can check out his church’s Theology Statement: http://www.marshill.org/believe/


    • Jake Says:

      believe me, i’m not claiming that Rob Bell has “it all together” or that he is “dead-on” in all of his theology…but the stuff in this video was clearly false.

      People need to realize that someday we all will stand before God and give an account of everything we have said…maybe stuff like this would be taken more seriously.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Unfortunately, I am pressed for time this evening, and must give a brief answer. Perhaps I can go into more depth this weekend. But for now let me encourage you to do some research into the complete teachings of Rob Bell and the Emergent Church. There are a few good videos here on this site (just scan through the blog pages) that discuss actual many quotes in context. There is also many other sites out there pulling back the curtain on their teachings, Apprising.org and DefendingContending.com to name just two. As far as his belief statement, I really don’t give any weight at all to it. Why? Well, for two reasons. 1) Let’s say I made up a religion that taught you needed to follow a hamster to a land called Rodential, and there you would live forever in happiness. But then I told you the hamsters name was “Jesus” and Rodential was actually another name for Heaven. I could easily put on my hamster worshipping website that I believe those following Jesus all their days would spend a happy eternity in Heaven. It is accurate, in the way I mean it, right? Yes, I know it is a ridiculus example, but you see my point. If I re-define words, I can say anything I want so as to appear to be Christian. This is exactly what Rob Bell has done and it is exactly why you read his website and think he is probably OK for the most part. I strongly encourage you to compare Mr. Bell’s teachings (all of them) to Scripture. 2) If one is to take the warnings given by Peter and Paul about false teachers seriously, we must conclude that the most dangerous false teachers will indeed come professing Christianity, and will decieve many by attacking from within. Seminary degrees and statements of faith are fine, but Jesus Himself told us to examine the fruit of a teacher, not what is hanging on his wall or website.
      I am very aware I will be held accountable for every word said (or typed) and that is exactly why I warn all the people I possibly can. Thanks for stopping by!



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