Church Design

Ask any good Pastor what his job is and he will tell you, “My job is to bring glory to God by feeding and guiding the flock of God’s people, the congregation of my Church.  I am to use the Word of God to feed them, to help them grow in knowledge, understanding and relationship with their Heavenly Father who has adopted them.  I am to lead them into what is spiritually sound and protect them from what is false.” If the above description of a Pastor’s job is accurate, then that explains why most sermons are the way they are.  Almost all sermons are structured to feed God’s Word to the congregation, made up of believers.  OK, that seems Biblical.  In the 21st chapter of John’s Gospel we see Jesus instructed Peter to “feed His sheep”, which he did for the rest of his life. Almost all modern churches are trying like crazy to get people to come in and try them out.  We hear ads on the radio saying, “We are the relaxed church for people like you” and billboards inviting people to try a church that, “Builds families” or acknowledges that “We all need choices”.  All this marketing is being aimed at getting unsaved people in church.  The big question is Why?  When they get there they will hear a message designed to be heard by believers, they will most likely not hear the Gospel….   

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One Comment on “Church Design”

  1. PJ King Says:

    Hey, just found your site. At Pillar on the Rock, we are interested in churches functioning biblically, and what we bring to the conversation is an emphasis on how this can look for young adults.


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